Thursday, December 30, 2010


Yes. Today is the day I officiate the move from blogspot to tumblr @

There are a couple of reasons why I did this.
1. I seem to have lost much inspiration writing.
2. My posts are mostly pictures.
3. Weird spammers that I ultimately dislike.

My blog will still be here. For reminiscing. :)


orchard road @ singapore

Breathtaking lights and the amazing night view, and to top it off, great shopping deals and sales. And there I was, for the entire day; inhaling everything Singapore had to offer.

I was very amazed by the night lights and the Christmas decorations all along the crossroads of Orchard Road. Taking pictures was an unwritten must. :P

Everybody knows I love expanding my wardrobe. :)

Considering a total move to tumblr since I've lost much inspiration to write.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone!
This Christmas, lets all spread the love and joy of the radiance of God around the world. :)

I'd love to blog about the amazing Christmas dinner I know I'm about to have, but everything's always better with pictures. I've just come back from church, and I'm off to Singapore in 3 hours babeh!

For now? Enjoy the finished pieces. :)

mr.tall and the christmas tree.

tiny bears decorating the tree.

Much love, Isabelle

Friday, December 24, 2010

santa and the elves.

Every year, its been tradition whenever this festive holiday comes around, me and my sister mess up our entire room till it looks something like this...

..for the sake of making our aunts and friends Christmas presents! :D

Therefore, I shall present the head elf. My one and only sister. Her creative outlet runs deep, and she's pretty awesome. * If it wasn't obvious. I'm Santa. NYEH. :P * Just to fill out the team, the other elves that pop in from time to time : my cousin all the way from Australia and my daddy. :)

Together, for the past two days, we modeled figurines out of Sculpey clay and paper clay, wrapped the entire household's gifts, made gift tags and cards. But, I believe pictures would illustrate the work-in-progress more clearly.

mr.tall without shoes and the unpainted christmas tree.

disassembled and unbaked.

clay lettering.

candycanes, pepermints and more candycanes.

gift tags.

i spot a harry potter piggy, a mouse and a very adorable stocking.

Total time spent: approximately 12 hours
Total creativity unleashed: 110%
Total fun: countless


Just popped the modeled clay into the oven. It won't be long now. :D

FIY: I've stretched my non-existent artistic skills so far for this. Seriously. Art and crafts are not exactly my prime forte. XD